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Whipping out this little pot of magic to add into my veggie curry🍲 the spicy aroma wafting threw the house right now is exactly what is needed after that storm today 🌬 Turmeric has so many benefits; Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant Anti-microbial Boosts immunity.... Why not check out the benefits for yourself and start adding it to your dishes. I particularly love this brand - available in most health stores... their organic Indian cinnamon is 😍👌🏻 Its also a great one to add into homemade face masks - I've yet to find the courage to whack a tonne of turmeric onto my face without being worried about the staining😂 #stormali  #turmeric  #naturopathicnutritionaltherapystudent  #veggiecurry  #steenbergs  #indianspices  #antiinflammatory  #antimicrobial  #antioxidant  #fuelyourbodytherightway  #guthealth  #bonebroth  #theraputic  #preventative 


  1. onourheals

    Awesome! We love turmeric too. Especially on roasted vegetables.😋 And it’s so incredibly healthy!🙌

  2. steenbergsltd

    Spice - season - savour. Glad the curry was such a success