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This week we travel to the west side of Heurfano County in South-central Colorado to the Blanca Massif area of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, just a few miles southeast of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. BLM’s Stanley Creek #landswithwildernesscharacteristics  is a high elevation natural area, adjacent to the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, San Isabel National Forest, and Huerfano State Wildlife area. The Stanley Creek #BLMWild  area supports a diversity of plant and wildlife habitats, due to its topographic variety and assorted ecosystems. Rolling hills are predominant in this unit, consisting of open meadows with numerous wildflowers and mixed forest groves of aspen, pinyon pine, ponderosa pine, and blue spruce. Riparian life is also abundant in the unit as it sources the Huerfano River, Stanley Creek, Deep Canyon Creek, and Manzanares Creek, among other unnamed creeks, tributaries, and gulches that drain south through the unit. BLM’s Stanley Creek provides exceptional wildlife habitat and connectivity for numerous wildlife species, including black bear, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, mountain lion, as well as potential habitat and range for the threatened and endangered species Canadian lynx. BLM recently documented this natural landscape for its #landswithwildernesscharacteristics , however this wild area is not managed for such. This can change! We need your voice of support for Stanley Creek and similar wild areas in BLM’s upcoming Eastern Colorado Draft plan revision, coming October 2018, with a 90-day public comment period. Stay tuned next week as we continue to highlight BLM RGFO’s most awesome wild areas, worthy of administrative protection. @Mypubliclands #SeeBLM  #yourpubliclands