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Tight upper middle back?? Watch this video....I had a local local Instructor take her first @radrollerteam and mobility “yoga” class with me at @FlowShala yesterday, and she cried a little. In a good way. Her testimony was that everyone should have access to this and that it would help so many people access Yoga. I couldn’t agree more. Seriously the @radrollerteam All in One kit has been a game changer for me personally as well as my clients and students. [code SH gets you 15% off all products + link in bio for discount to my Pure Mobility video course loves]. Anyone can do this. Everyone should be able to facilitate their own relief. Grateful to be a part of this mission, and excited for our Myofascial Release seminar I am leading this weekend. #smr  #selfmyofascialrelease  #functionalmovement  #bellingham 


  1. lyndz.kelly

    @laurenkilisky @zach_cuaresma 😍 this class is so amazing! You guys would love it. I’m totally hooked!!