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Life with actual wings would be amazing. But I feel like we all already have wings because of the way that we chase after our dreams and overcome fears. Never forget that when you are in the midst of tough times, God gives you power to overcome and be victorious. You CAN rise above situations!!! 🙌🏼🤗🦋


  1. osvcru

    So cute! Love it! 😍

  2. tiffanyyvincent

    omg ur adorable

  3. smeeding

    That so cool

  4. lovemadixoxoxo

    Love this encouragement!! You're so cute!

  5. thefancyfluff

    you look so pretty 🤩✨

  6. misssamanthayee

    These are amazing.

  7. staceyelainek

    Yessssss love this caption!! We are all born with wings 🧚

  8. rebecca.norbeck

    Needed to hear this. Thank you 💓

  9. mcichocki

    Omg this is so amazing!

  10. susanbonasera

    @madelyne.jean 💜

  11. way_of_the_samurai

    Awesome word of encouragement!

  12. heatherbeelannie

    Love the background 🤗

  13. francesca_faella

    Love this picture! 💖

  14. carlyyhartman

    Thanks lovely!!!!

  15. igotitforchic

    Amennnnn Carly❤️

  16. viviane_heider

    So cool!!!!

  17. lipstickanytime

    Greatest wing picture ever! It is totally different when the wings are on glass high up. Well done!

  18. elingjx

    So cute 😍

  19. itisbritt

    The coolest!!! 🤩🤩🤩

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