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Getting over nerves and starting a new large piece. All you artists know what I mean when it's the beginning of an artwork and the blank canvas is calling out to you... Don't mess me up! #breakbarriers  #justdoit  #itsonlycanvas  #havefun 


  1. lynnorthamart

    This looks unbelievably exciting!!.& you look beautiful on camera!!The first of many !!

  2. gaildellart

    Nice. Always a big sigh of relief once you begin. 💪🏻👏🏻😁

  3. karenscanvas

    Ooo! Exciting!

  4. threadsthatbindus

    Yay!! Good start 🎈💛

  5. brendahearts

    Looks amazing. Have fun. Can't wait to see the progress x

  6. georgeoakvillage

    I like it already! Hopefully not too it is not my commission 😭😇😈