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My Eli, my heart... I am trying so hard to find the words to tell you what I feel, but I can’t... I just wish you stayed with me forever. So let’s just put some loud music on and jump up and down like crazy and with every wag of your tail there’ll be magic dust filling the room with happiness. The house is so empty now. I miss you so much. ... and when you see your friend Cookie, put a paw on his head like you used to and give him a kiss from me. I’m sure heaven has wonderful rivers. I love you. Mommy #blacklab  #mybeatifulfriend  #goodbye 


  1. aquilterknits

    😥sorry to hear. Those little fur babies... 💔

  2. fruitbowlsandshellac

    Love to you. Beautiful pictures of him.

  3. andsewtoknit

    I’m so sorry, beautiful photos of your gorgeous lab 💔

  4. craftsandleaves

    💛❤ You two must have been sooo close! I can feel the love when I read your words. So sorry for your loss.

  5. les_chaotically

    Wonderful rivers indeed. So sorry my friend.

  6. dekoherzal


  7. coffeeandthread

    So sorry for your loss. ❤️❤️

  8. katandleni

    😢😢im so so sorry for your loss. I know you must be hurting so much right now so sending love 💕 I

  9. pimp_slapped

    You must miss your beautiful, beautiful Eli so much. I hope you find peace with his death in your own time. Big hug ♥️

  10. madeit_patterns

    So sad. So sorry to hear your beautiful dog is no longer with you (in body). Xx

  11. madeit_patterns

    So sad. So sorry to hear your beautiful dog is no longer with you (in body). Xx

  12. deltafabricsmannheim

    so sorry for your loss ❤❤❤

  13. new_vintage_sewing

    @sasha_secondopiano so very sad sorry for your loss

  14. the_lois_edit

    So sorry to read of your loss 🖤

  15. susie_samd

    ❤️I too have recently said a sad goodbye to my beloved cavalier spaniel- the house is empty and I look for him in his favourite spots and he's not there - hopefully soon we'll be able to remember them without the tears 😢

  16. barbara_st_

    Ooooh that is so sad :-( I can almost cry myself when looking at the pictures. They are so precious... ❤️❤️❤️ big hugs!!!!!

  17. coolyhandmade


  18. mommadeit_


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