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BLM’s Cucharas Canyon is a rare intact wild canyon area on Colorado’s eastern plains. Once vital for Native Indians, American settlers and ranchers, can now be enjoyed as a camping trip, hike, horseback ride, or hunting opportunity. Take a through-hike down the canyon and enjoy the sounds of the trickling river or the cascading song of a canyon wren. Or visit one of the lookouts on either side for a scenic vista of the Spanish Peaks over this colorful picturesque canyon. Life abounds in this wild and exceptional natural area. The Cucharas Canyon area has high habitat and range values for a number of wildlife species, including Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, black bear, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn, mountain lion, as well as valued bird species, particularly species of concern, like the scaled quail and bald eagle. BLM documented this rugged natural landscape for its #landswithwildernesscharacteristics , however this wild area is not managed for such. This can change! We need your voice of support for Cucharas Canyon and similar wild areas in BLM’s upcoming Eastern Colorado Draft plan revision, coming October 2018, with a 90-day public comment period. Stay tuned next week as we continue to highlight BLM RGFO’s most awesome wild areas, worthy of administrative protection. @mypubliclands #SeeBLM  #yourpubliclands  #BLMWild