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Social media TRAP! 🧟‍♂️ I “felt” the need to share after what Lawrence and myself experienced earlier today. Let’s go; We really wanted to check out the new coffee shop they opened so close to our home. So we went there today, the lady who was working there was super friendly and helpful. We ordered drinks and started 💭 chatting. Then something caught my attention. There was this couple with their little baby 👶🏼 girl who seemed like just came there to do a photoshoot. They had a nice camera with them and they surely dressed up. They ordered 🍹 drinks and went for it. They only took pictures during their whole time there. They never talked to each other. Never showed any interest to one another or to the baby. I was so uncomfortable. It was just us and them and the coffee ☕️ shop was little, so I kept hearing the camera 📷 shooting. They constantly moved to different spots and took bunch of pictures. I thought to myself that maybe this was their job, maybe they were famous bloggers. I don’t know. But it just made me soooo uncomfortable. The way the wife posed (looking down, looking up, smiling, fake laughing) there was nothing real about it. Then I kept thinking about the generation we’ve became. Nothing to be proud of. We’re slipping away from being real, being present and being fun day by day. I just feel sad. It’s sad how social media and pictures became our world. It’s sad to think how so many of us started finding our identity on our social networking sites. This is something really heartbreaking, really tempting and really challenging. I know! I’m no angel in this area but I’ll try to keep my eyes and heart awake from this day forward. I never want to be taken over by this illusion and find my identity in the likes and comments I get. Phew 💆🏻‍♀️ • • • #blogger  #blogger_de  #bloggerlife  #fashion  #bloggerstyle  #bloggers  #fashionblogger  #blog  #travelblogger  #bloggergirl  #lifestyleblogger  #ootd  #instagood  #lifestyle  #bloggerfashion  #love  #follow  #bloggersgetsocial  #photooftheday  #blogs  #bloggerlifestyle  #style  #bloggerlove  #bloggerslife  #blogpost  #blogueira  #picoftheday 


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