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MARU’S AUNTS 🦋 Auntie @ms_keekss, coming through with love & laughs straight from the soul. Auntie @oceanic_mi, who’s going to do everything in her power to get baby Maru out of trouble, even when she knows he’s been a naughty boy. Auntie @zolekamanenzhe1215, Maru doesn’t know it yet but she’s one of the most reliable people he’s going to have through his life. Loyal, strong & focused on the people she loves. Auntie @mafenya_xoli, already so stressed about how much she’s going to spoil Maru! I can hear my boy saying, “Mama, I don’t need you, Auntie Xoli said she’ll get me anything I want.” 😅 Auntie TDK, always prepped & proper but so messy with the love! Maru’s in for a treat. Auntie @danellejvr17, my friend. Soft & caring. Always concerned about how she’s being received, & how to love better. She’s already laid the law — I’m not allowed to post baby’s photos for a while. And if she says it, I’m taking it seriously because it could only be out of a love for family, and love itself! Auntie Lulu, she said herself that she’s going to teach my boy the hustle. Sounds funny, but this woman has literally built from nothing ... over & over again. A titan. Great Auntie @gracedmm, essentially a grandma to Maru. Another titan & fearless woman who isn’t afraid to be herself even in spaces that are hostile. Our relationship has taught me that we must always be willing to start over, something I will one day share with her. Auntie @paulettekhumalo, oozing love & kindness that is unparalleled. Her emotions are like a sea - honest, open & raging. She literally tears up when a moment calls for it, laughs the loudest when it’s time & this is going to teach my son deep sensitivity. Auntie @ma_ka_qhawe, mother of a brilliant, strong boy Qhawe who I hope will be best friends with Maru. Mama Qhawe is such a force, an absolutely breathtaking warrior woman with clear & powerful convictions.


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    Aww love u loads

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