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MARU’S BIG AUNTS 🦋 My relationship with my sisters, @mi_ra_nda and @zethumkhumbuzi has grown from “sit down & stop getting us into trouble” to “stand up & let your light shine.” We hold each other’s hands through everything, and this pregnancy is a shinning example of that. They were confidants when it was too soon to tell anyone. Pillars when it looked like we weren’t going to make it to 9 months. Cheerleaders when I had to do conquer the biggest challenges while pregnant. And perfectly prepped planners of a shower that took my breath away. We fight EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I can’t imagine not having these two around me for the best & worst moments. 💙


  1. katlimokgadi

    What a beautiful relationship you ladies have😍

  2. paulettekhumalo

    OoMamkhulu 😍😍😍

  3. mirandandosi

    This was such an awesome day

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