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THE VENUE, DECOR & FOOD Themed ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ the women in my life went out of their way to find a glasshouse in the middle of the concrete jungle. Surrounded by a beautiful fountain, tall trees & flowers we dined, laughed, cried & shared dreams for baby Maru. 🦋


  1. jubyfab

    Wow everything looked amazing Busi,congratulations ❤

  2. delisile_mkwanazi

    This is so stunning this is extactly what I have envisioned for my babyshower, and hence I'm so egar to plan it myself LOL I feel like nobody gets it LOL none of my family or friends understand what I want yazi crying..... kwaaa

  3. delisile_mkwanazi

    @mphopops you see LOL this is what I want

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