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BLM’s Upper Red Canyon, located north of Cañon City, boasts a massive backcountry complete with trickling streams, high grasslands, cavernous valleys, red rock outcroppings, and mountainous views. Life abounds in this wild and expansive natural area. Listen for the cascading song of a canyon wren, one of the best songsters of the west. Or be on the lookout for other iconic birds in Upper Red Canyon, including the aerial moves of Lewis’s Woodpeckers as they catch insects, or the unmistakable great blue heron with its long legs, neck, and dagger like bill, or one of many birds of prey on the hunt, including the American Peregrine Falcon and bald eagle. Excellent opportunities for primitive recreation are also abundant in Upper Red Canyon, including hunting, fishing, horseback riding, backpacking, hiking, wildlife viewing, and photography. Rock climbing is also quite popular in this area, particularly in the eastern section of Upper Red Canyon along Shelf Road, which offers first-class climbing on the red sandstone and limestone cliff walls. BLM documented this rugged natural landscape for its #landswithwildernesscharacteristics , however this wild area is currently unprotected. This can change! We need your voice of support for Upper Red Canyon and similar wild areas in BLM’s upcoming Eastern Colorado Draft plan revision, coming October 2018, with a 90-day public comment period. Stay tuned next week as we continue to highlight BLM RGFO’s most awesome wild areas, worthy of administrative protection. @mypubliclands #SeeBLM  #yourpubliclands  #BLMWild