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#Papa_Chronicles: Pregnancy/Postpartum stories from Fathers who live them.  Story in comments.  #papa  #father #fathers #fathersjourney #dads #dadstories #dadsalsogetppd #ppd #papavillage #dadsandbabies #nayacare


  1. nayacare

    #Papa_Chronicles : Pregnancy/Postpartum stories from Fathers who live them. Feel free to leave a comment! Did you know Dads also can suffer through postpartum depression too? Incident is between 5-10%. Symptoms can be similar to moms with anger, loss of interest, making risky decision added to the mix.

  2. nayacare

    These chronicles are to highlight their journey and point of view. And for the first one had to turn to my one and only! Enjoy and please share!

  3. nayacare

    Maybe I am in the minority but I never wanted to find out the sex of my child until delivery. Everything in the world seems to be planned out to the last minute to the day. And this was one surprise that came when it wanted to despite all the planning. At that moment, when the doctor says “its a _____”; you have the whole moment, a real human, the addition to your family, my baby. No words can do justice to describe that moment.