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Hectic, long, tiring satisfying day today. We started work at 7 finished about 8pm. A team effort putting all our forms was a great feeling when we all had done it together and completed the task. We start sculpting tomorrow yay
#sandiego #formwork  #teameffort #satisfying
#adayswork #hardcore #sculpting #greatfeeling


  1. jayne.good.5

    Hey @megsmurrayart what will the piece be? Can't wait to see updates 😊

  2. narooshka1

    All the very best Meg!

  3. rijbel

    Awesome! Have a super fantastic time!

  4. shandonhenderson

    Look in good what is the theme

  5. hannekesupplyprivate

    Yeah so so happy for you dear meggles! Enjoy!!!😘😘😘😘