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Made in USA. Thoughts?

Made in USA. Thoughts?


  1. malibu_bobbi

    Rather it all be made in France 🇫🇷

  2. bagdhs

    I heard from my SA they only selling MIU in the US...has this changed?🤔

  3. minks4all

    Don’t mind at all. My heart does sing loud for MIF, but at the end of the day, it’s LV and I love them all 🙌🏻♥️

  4. chrisloveslux

    I doesn’t bother me at ALL 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. caitlyneliz3

    Is this a new item

  6. mhrmomof5

    For me it doesn’t matter sis as long as not counterfeit 😝❤️😍 Happy Hump day sis😘

  7. prettylibra27

    I heard from other forums that the quality of Made in USA is not as good as Made in France

  8. hello_cathyduarte

    I don’t mine at all

  9. kwsstyling

    I actually don’t mind

  10. _geek_chic_

    I love it, no matter where it’s made. (Plus, I kind of have a soft spot for things made in my own country, for sentimental reasons. 😄) I really believe they are all the same. No quality difference.

  11. orrinewyork

    Love all!

  12. official_glaza

    As @minks4all said as long as its LV it shouldn't matter 😍😘 their standards should be the same whether on France or USA 😘😍 its a lovely pic hun

  13. ju.kristen

    Nope I only want made in France. Otherwise it's not special. 😊

  14. bags_and_flowers

    It doesn’t matter for me. LV is LV wherever it’s made❤️

  15. sassykimchi

    I think it’s good LVMH is showing that craftsmanship can be done and learned elsewhere. However MIF has this little je ne sais quoi... that makes ones heart ❣ Beat faster

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