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Made in USA. Thoughts?

Made in USA. Thoughts?


  1. prettylibra27

    I heard from other forums that the quality of Made in USA is not as good as Made in France

  2. mhrmomof5

    For me it doesn’t matter sis as long as not counterfeit 😝❤️😍 Happy Hump day sis😘

  3. kwsstyling

    I actually don’t mind

  4. caitlyneliz3

    Is this a new item

  5. chrisloveslux

    I doesn’t bother me at ALL 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. minks4all

    Don’t mind at all. My heart does sing loud for MIF, but at the end of the day, it’s LV and I love them all 🙌🏻♥️

  7. bagdhs

    I heard from my SA they only selling MIU in the US...has this changed?🤔

  8. hello_cathyduarte

    I don’t mine at all

  9. malibu_bobbi

    Rather it all be made in France 🇫🇷

  10. sassykimchi

    I think it’s good LVMH is showing that craftsmanship can be done and learned elsewhere. However MIF has this little je ne sais quoi... that makes ones heart ❣ Beat faster

  11. _geek_chic_

    I love it, no matter where it’s made. (Plus, I kind of have a soft spot for things made in my own country, for sentimental reasons. 😄) I really believe they are all the same. No quality difference.

  12. bags_and_flowers

    It doesn’t matter for me. LV is LV wherever it’s made❤️

  13. ju.kristen

    Nope I only want made in France. Otherwise it's not special. 😊

  14. official_glaza

    As @minks4all said as long as its LV it shouldn't matter 😍😘 their standards should be the same whether on France or USA 😘😍 its a lovely pic hun

  15. orrinewyork

    Love all!

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