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Aeromobil was designed by a Slovakian start-up. All you need is 650 feet of runway, a full tank of gas, and a pilot's license. 🛩 #businessinsider 


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  3. sarahmoraesmma

    That's wild

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  5. aiana_1409

    Just woow

  6. da.oak

    @_erik_alvarez_ you need one!!

  7. universoulmasters

    Where can you fly it? Over traffic? Lol

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  9. kitchen_picks

    Made my day

  10. ami_vadera

    My first presentation topic was flying car . Such an amazing technology 👌

  11. haleyangelou

    @matt.browns imagine flying into school with this 😂

  12. isis_s06

    @roman1205 @sw_alief713

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