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Aeromobil was designed by a Slovakian start-up. All you need is 650 feet of runway, a full tank of gas, and a pilot's license. 🛩 #businessinsider 


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    Check this out @devinmartineau

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    “All you need”

  3. iam_youngbilli

    Generation Z will be talked about as the generation that transformed the world. There will be an explosion of entrepreneurs. The Equality will be greater. The technology will be out of this world. And I can’t wait to lead the movement. #teambilli 

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    @paytonchristinetretter here’s your flying 🚗

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    @i_am_doha_doha_ remember 😂😂

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    @srmullins81 time to pave the runway

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    @califrank5 @ackrightpremier @ackright forget the @teslamotors I need one of these 👀😦

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    @to.dymz your driveway is that big right? ✈️

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    @_erik_alvarez_ you need one!!

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    @antonio.d.jenkins Do you have your pilot license yet?! Lol

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    t w o. y e a r s. @iambrooksbrown @drewb2001

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