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  1. hrtfulloflove

    If you have changed to a new wafer, it could be an allergic reaction to it. If its the same one you've been using, I'd check with an ostomy nurse. If you are using a new wafer, go back to the one you were using previously, if you can. Try ordering a different brand and see if it is less irritating to the skin.

  2. tropicalvvitch

    If you don’t use one already, you might need to use a barrier ring

  3. beckityler98

    You could try using barrier rings, and convex pouches. I use both and haven't had a single leak since (nearly 2 years)

  4. caseyleiker

    @tropicalvvitch @beckityler98 I wasn't using the rings only because my stoma is so close to my skin. I had to change my bag AGAIN this morning so I decided to use one. I have to wear tight pants/leggings so it pushes the wafer flush against my skin otherwise my stoma likes to go underneath the opening that I've cut. It's incredibly frustrating. Could it also be a problem due to dehydration?

  5. mlyn377

    When you change your wafer, make sure your area around stoma is clean, then take your hair dryer and blow the area around stoma dry. Then take dryer on high and blow wafer. That will make wafer more tacky. Then put wafer on. Now make sure way before changing that new wafer is cut to be snugged up around stoma. I had to learn the hard way. Now I can get a good week out of my wafers.

  6. particc

    You can always change your bags!

  7. ruby2sh0es

    Use medical adhesive spray but yes wafers could be defective or you may need to be refitted if you’ve gained or lost weight they may need to remeasure you