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Someone requested that I get into why Bob left MCR, feel free to add on to anything If I miss something. Around 2007-8 ish, Mikey Way cheated on his first wife Alicia Simmons with a younger fan I believe. When he was going through divorce, Bob tweeted a picture of Mikey and his new girlfriend out for a family breakfest. (Far right, last slide) Bob proceeded to harass Mikey on twitter (And probably in person too) about it and Gerard being the big brother he is, kicked out Bob. Im sure there is more details to this buts thats basically what happend. -J • • • • • • • • • • • #mychemicalromance  #mcr  #mychem  #mychemfacts  #mcrfacts  #mychemicalromancefacts  #bobbryar  #mikeyway 


  1. gerardway.rp

    I love Mikey to death but cheating is shittu

  2. tiemeup.tiemedown.frankie

    I thought the divorce papers were already finalized by the time he went on the family breakfast? Eh, whatever, every MCR story is all fucked up lol

  3. luzmustdie

    @greatmcrfacts dude I hope you're joking bc you're so wrong

  4. xxdead_on_arrivalxx

    I thought Mikey and his girlfriend were separated at the time so it wasn’t ‘cheating’ could be wrong though

  5. mcrchives

    If you guys want more info, got to @theteaaboutlynz, not @mcr_tea, i forgot which account is which. It's under the heading Of 'the nowaymikeyway' blog

  6. shook.asf

    Mikey didn't actually cheat. Alicia and him were separated at the time he started dating the girl

  7. keepingstars

    This happened waaaay after Bob left the band.

  8. decimusyna

    Ah man. I honestly confused. I read so many theories (anything about this band basically) and I still can't decide which one is true. Cheating or not I definitely need a very solid facts.

  9. twenty_one_fries

    Mikey didn't cheat. They were already split when he went and dated Sarah.

  10. killervixxen

    Mikey never cheated tho??

  11. spoopytreboi

    So Bob never played the drums for Na Na Na?

  12. spoopytreboi

    The second one is actually tweeted because of the blink 182 situation. Yee but it still reflected on this situation

  13. feel.the_void

    Pantera bread 👌🤘

  14. usedtobedead

    mikey didnt cheat, he was already going through a divorce at the time man

  15. kenz.ziie

    a big family egg

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