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While filming this panoramic view from one of the cliffs on the #Oldragmountain  summit, several thoughts & questions came to mind. 1. This is a really beautiful view. 2. I’m above cloud level . 3. What kind of birds are those ? 4. A strong gust of wind could. send someone free-falling. 5. I wonder what those birds eat way up here. 6. Are those birds fighting, dancing,or playing? 7. Do these birds hunt like Raptors in Jurassic Park? Quickly pans right(after seeing movement in my peripheral ) to find more birds doing aerial acrobatics behind me. 8. It’s time to go. I don’t need to know the answers to 5-7. 9. I hope I don’t see any bears on the way down this time. #solohikes  #oldragsummit  #oldrag  #Mountain  Hike 🗻 #landscape  #Shenandoah  #rockclimbing  #ShenandoahNationalPark  #nature  #fitness  #山地徒步旅行  #山  #Limitless 


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