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The weather doesn’t always cooperate when traveling. Here’s a perfect example of driving out 2hrs to show the kids Stonehenge, only to be hit in the face with a huge storm ⛈ while running for cover we were only able to catch a few pics, hence the cheat and posting one I took from two years ago 😉 Swipe to see why! 😂 Oh well, sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches 😌 #stonehenge  #stormyweather  #amustsee  #ancientwonderoftheworld  @visitengland • If you go, be sure to dress for the wind and possibly rain! They have a great visitors center and the lunch options are pretty good. Grab the audio headsets to enrich your experience and learn more about the history of this wonder.


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    If you or your readers are fans of Standing Stones and their history, there are other smaller lesser known stone circles throughout Ireland. And there is a much older one in Malta.