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Front entryway before + after 👉 swipe swipe baby! . Well technically this is an after and then BEFORE because ain't no one gonna click on that big ole' mess of a before pic. Multicolored earth tone pavers ARE NOT CUTE. . We wanted our front entry to be really private and secluded so this interior courtyard did the trick. . I stood just beyond my front door to take this picture looking out into the street. Very happy to see not an ounce of the old 1980's looking landscape that was there before. All of our new plants require minimal care and water which is perfect for us because we have a hard time remembering to our PANTS ON in the morning. . . . . . #theeverygirlathome  #thedwellco  #modernexterior  #modernentry  #modernhome  #modernlandscape  #landscapedesign  #landscapeideas  #sodomino  #smpliving  #smallspacesquad  #hunkerhome  #calihomevibes  #calibungalow  #sandiegointeriors  #concretepatio  #fencedesign  #gatedentrance  #mydailydwelling  #mymodernlook  #doingneutralright  #abmathome  #dslooking  #cljsquad  #breinspired  #instahomestyle 


  1. modwestmade

    Girl, this is goals right here!!

  2. werrellwoodworks

    This is seriously beautiful! The before and after is a total change!! I love that gate too!!

  3. suzannahstanley

    Holy moly, that’s gorgeous! Did you guys do any of it yourselves? I can’t even imagine designing something that cool looking!

  4. dmcdeezie

    This is fantastic!

  5. bettina_brent

    Wow, well done hun! Love a transformation pic 🙌🏼

  6. themidkiffhouse

    I’m dying for horizontal fencing once we start on our outdoors! This is perfect 👏🏻

  7. jocelyns_house

    This is amazing! I love the privacy too!!!

  8. coloroncotton

    Wow! Great vision!

  9. the.garage.collective

    So awesome!!! Love a good makeover!!

  10. mandyriggarinteriors


  11. theprintedhome

    Absolutely love what you did with the outside of your house!

  12. inmod

    I just love your after!

  13. bigbirthareno

    Ommgggg, I LOVE this, @braidandwood!! I need to know more about this because it is sooo similar to what we want to do! Did you guys pour the large pavers yourselves? Do you have a blog post with all this info? Love, love, LOVE this!!

  14. felicity_place

    I absolutely LOVE this entry. It’s gorgeous, and you’re right I have the ugly multicolor pavers and no one understands my pain!! Since I can’t get them ripped out, I cover them up with a huge rug! 😊

  15. crazywonderfulblog

    Jaw is on the floor!!!!

  16. jessicadevlindesign

    Definitely adding this to my outdoor inspiration board. Was getting the cement “paver” part hard? I love the cleanness

  17. homeslicehome

    🖤Beautiful 🖤

  18. bijouxluandco

    Most beautiful entry I’ve ever seen!

  19. westelm_paloalto

    😍😍😍Love the gating!

  20. sa_homestyle


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