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  1. sandradeemobley

    @k.mani88 😩😂

  2. soambitiousta


  3. __jazieh


  4. razziboo

    This was one of my fav episodes

  5. evelyn3


  6. sj45435555555555

    Carlton read!!!!

  7. viola.moore

    Tell him Carlton 😆

  8. aqua0363


  9. bssfinest


  10. straightfromdamoon

    We need more of these soulful TV shows where the actors and actress show their emotions and speak up for them selves if they down or if they are ashamed or whatever these type of show could being back the positivity in the world today

  11. wynnblown

    Perfect example of how I feel about alot of these so called "Woke" brothers and sisters out here!!😒

  12. michaelcolumbo


  13. elite_credit_repair

    🚨Great page, love the content. We do credit repair come 🏃🏽‍♂️check our page out too🚨 #blackexcellence 

  14. missclassy___thang

    You know what that going on now. Everyone feel like if not do things that other people do you not woke or you not supporting your inner blackness. You self hating yourself, it nothing wrong with being different

  15. amberlatte108

    I miss this show.

  16. mzlady55

    Oohhh, Carleton..... dropped it on him!!!!! Yes, we are black....No matter our clothes, finances, education, shades. It's most offensive to me, when another person, particularly a black person calls me white, especially if lighter than me (2wks ago). #unity  #humanity  #blacklove  #knowledgeofself  #onewiththeuniverse  #ALLTHATIS  👑🕉️☯️☮️💕

  17. naomi71983

    All I saw was one black woman and the rest another race.

  18. thpatricehotmail.com_

    I speak 8 languages I live in a predominantly Italian neighborhood my children are half Italian half black I am a black man don't ever tell me who you think or believe I am or can be that is up to me not you not the people follow you that is my choice my decision I'm not a sellout I never have been and never will be I am proud of who I am and where I come from and I'm damn sure proud of where I'm going. We are all running the same race we are all jumping over the same hurdles what hurts me the most is like Carlton said when another black person trips me up because in their opinion I'm not black enough let me share a secret with you a policeman's bullet doesn't care how black or unblack I am the cops who pulled me over because I drive a BMW don't care how black or unblack I am the people who called me the n-word don't see me as not being black. So why the hell are you telling me what do you think black is I was black when I was born on be black when I die and in between I'll still be black I'm never not going to be proud of being black So it's time we started looking at each other and retaking the worth of each other because black is beautiful and black is who I am

  19. rockylew5069

    Of is so proud black why so interracial dating on this show

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