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She seems to like me... but I don’t know why?! Had a great time eating dinner out on the lake. Couldn’t of asked for a better date! Love you babe.. Thanks for such a great birthday surprise! @lleyva_ ❤️💗💓👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💕


  1. glupesimpson

    HAppy birthday Louie, see you soon, we love you

  2. xvi_scbr

    Happy bday playa

  3. dag001

    Happy birthday Louie!!!

  4. arciestorga

    Happy Birthday Mijo!

  5. lleyva_

    @artisan_contracting I'm glad you had a good time baby! And yess, i like you alot for many many reasons... 😚😘😘

  6. maliomusic

    AMAZING! Keep it coming.