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  1. _.kyla_pidech._

    On yoosung 😂😍😍

  2. mysticm_mc

    You don't love me T^T?

  3. elf348

    This is done by @badegg make sure to credit ^^

  4. aniime_fantasyx

    Soo cuteeee ;3 ☺️xx

  5. kohaisigh

    I'm alllll for the yoosung one

  6. valeyart

    the Yoosung one is the best one omg

  7. brookycookie15

    Lol yoosung

  8. xemily.xu

    What a mood yoosung @spottedlily

  9. ricegirly

    Now I feel lonely

  10. therainwoman17

    Yoosung my baby!

  11. vannie.zhuo

    First pict aww second pict aww third pict awwwwww fourth pict AWW SO CUTE fifth pict i cant stop laughing for the rest 5 minutes😂😂

  12. myanimestory

    @myanimestory just started my first anime story ,if you would like to take a look it would help me a lot, thank you

  13. aliska_owl

    Saeran is one of the most cutest 😍 *Yoosung is our young and innocent cinnamon roll*

  14. honey_.buddha._707

    I started lmao when I seen yoosung

  15. anime_hiro02

    Hey! :) check out my account it’s fun ^^ you know you want to !! It’s all anime 1k of anime lovers (sorry to bother your comment surch) 💛 @anime_hiro02

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