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... continued from my previous post: this is what I wore last Sunday 😉 I can definitely do squats in these but the next pair needs to be a size smaller Although this fabric a linen silk blend, is light wight and has a lot of give, I want to be sure I get the full wedgie look 😏 The party skirt made it on the blog! Go read As for #memadefriday  there’s nothing to show you cause today I just refused to leave my home ... to darn hot! Have a nice weekend guys 😘 . . . #sewing  #persephonepants  #linen  #isewmyownclothes  #cucitoitaliano  #italianfabric  #whatiwore  #diypants 


  1. tiz_stitchnpastitch

    Eleganti e di un colore stupendo 😍 già questo cartamodello mi incuriosiva, ora mi hai fatto venire voglia di cucirli 😄

  2. anna.greco

    bellissima come sempre. Il topo Gucci lo hai fatto tu con la stoffa Gucci (che adoro) o l'hai acquistato? trovo l'insieme veramente stiloso. <3

  3. couture_in_love

    So elegant!

  4. __minella__

    You were not only able to do the squats with those pants but you were also the most beautiful photographer ever seen in a wedding 😘😘😘

  5. _ursuly

    Uuuuh I'm making shorts out of almost the same fabric!

  6. wxyzzmariadias

    Love the outfit and hair cut!

  7. philoshoefie

    I thought you had cut your hair ! But no, you just put It up ? But it looks like a short cut ! (Well this means that short hair fits you so well, too). And nice combo, by the way !

  8. ecoutemacherie

    Mi piacciono molto questi pantaloni. Comico ho comprato un tessuto similare in Montreal avremo pantaloni diversi nello modello y similari in colore. Come sempre lei è magnifica.

  9. lefilalagratte

    Waaaaaaaaa ! So beautiful Sasha ! ✨✨✨✨

  10. wedreamaloud

    Wow sempre super chic ❤️

  11. marymaker88

    Amazing outfit and another reason to make the pants! In days of yore we called the wedgie look "crotch rot". I guess you can have it both ways :)

  12. sewing_fashion_thereddetail

    Magari ho visto Capelli! Anche il completo è bellissimo.. come tutti!

  13. schnittmuster_berlin

    So beautiful😊

  14. sewjillian

    How did I miss this? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  15. sapri_design

    Sooo cool😍💕

  16. ngboston


  17. eiguru88

    Love the fabrics !! 😍😍

  18. handmadebyditsytulip

    Wow this outfit ✨✨✨

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