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Their shadow dims the sunshine of our day, 
As they go lumbering across the sky, 
Squawking in joy of feeling safe on high, 
Beating their heavy wings of owlish gray. - Claude McKay
#birds #birdistheword #osprey #birdsofprey #lakescugog #soar #explorecanada #getoutside #adventures
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  1. shastaclouse

    Ok this is my New Favorite..but that will change soon because you will post a new kick🐴 photo tomorrow 😉

  2. renedeschenes

    Such a nice looking bird. That light is awesome 👏

  3. janehw239


  4. landofconfusion

    Wow that's a great photo! 😊👏

  5. sun_sea_and_us

    Stunning was this taken with a drone ?

  6. mysters_eye

    Nice osprey picture

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