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Badger Creek is one of few perennial streams in the rugged Arkansas River Canyonlands. A hike along this vegetated creek illustrates the great amount of life that this watershed supports: from vulnerable riparian plant communities, aquatic insects and brook trout, to deer, bighorn sheep and mountain lions, to bald eagles, Mexican spotted owls and wild turkeys. This incredible BLM #landswithwildernesscharacteristics  reaches over 11,000 feet, atop Jack Hall Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the area and few spots you can find bristlecone pine trees in the region. This BLM peak offers breathtaking views of Bighorn Sheep Canyon below and the scenic Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Wilderness across the Arkansas River. Badger Creek headwaters begin in the adjacent USFS National Forest, and along with this #BLMWild  area, form over 25,000 acres of intact wilderness, which was just proposed in @RepDianaDeGette’s Colorado Wilderness Act. #COWilderness2018  However, this important and wild area is currently unprotected. Badger Creek North is more than deserving of protection and needs your voice in BLM RGFO’s upcoming draft plan. Stay tuned for next week for a look at Badger Creek South, as we continue to highlight the wildest areas in BLM RGFO, in anticipation of their draft plan revision, expected to be released in October 2018 with a 90-day public comment period. @Mypubliclands #SeeBLM  #yourpubliclands