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Our latest project we just completed. 3500 sq ft of new R Panel metal roof in Mount Pleasant installed. Went with Crimson Red 26 gauge panels. All components including the trim, flashing, valley metal and screws are color matched to the roof. Stripped down to the decking and put back with ice and water shield with synthetic underlayment. We added 3 cedar frame awnings to match the new roof as well. Total scope of works includes replacing aluminum siding going back with new vinyl siding. Next metal roof we’ll be doing will be a Terebella steel tile roof. Stay tuned...• • • • #Artisan  #Contracting  #Services  #mountpleasant  #metal  #Roof  #rpanel  #Red  #insurance  #claim 


  1. bandaateofim

    wow 💀👊

  2. bryanfierro1

    Wow what a big change 👏👏

  3. artisan_contracting

    Thanks for helping me measure it! @bryanfierro1

  4. glupesimpson

    That is beautiful, like a cottage in the woods

  5. wiselymademen

    This post makes me smile☺️🤗 thanks for sharing