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My blessing at 10weeks 6days #February14


  1. kiu_malafu

    Congrats toko ofaz!

  2. reno_hitta4oez

    Congrats toko🙏🏽 ofas💯

  3. ptoli23_

    Congratulations brother😍💙

  4. notis7777

    Congrats tokz!! ❤🙌

  5. benjeezy__

    Congrats Toko 💯🙌 ofas

  6. warrior031616

    Congrats 2 both of u bro

  7. tinkucme

    Dam congrats toko. I'm hella happy for yall

  8. phat_queenz

    Congratulations bro & Ane! Lords knows your heart bro. I'm so happy for you both. Love you guys. Can't wait to meet Baby! ❤ @kavamon775

  9. koii22lobelia

    Congrats my toko!!

  10. moala104

    Congratz to y’all both Ofaz

  11. koolfir3

    Wait... What???

  12. lowweezy4

    Congratulations! Best feeling ever huh? Major blessing💙🙏🏽

  13. bignah_amz_tuipulotu

    Congratulations 🎉 So Happy for you guys we Love y’all ❤️❤️❤️

  14. mivk17

    Happy aunties in Seattle!! 🙌🏼❤️

  15. loooops__

    Congrats Mafi!!!!

  16. fredd1rutz

    Congratulations tokoua

  17. anahoyah715

    Ei io eeee malie congratulations @kavamon775

  18. johnnytonata

    Congrats toko!!

  19. pokog51

    Ayeee! Congrats toko!!!

  20. valele_43

    Congrats unc !!! 🤝🏾💙

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