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I will reply to all the messages, and send you the files (Go & We young) via email soon for those who asked, I have too many dms so please wait 😭😭😭 . #sehun  #ohsehun  #exo 


  1. shimexol

    @shahrban_._ اولی شبیه بک نیس

  2. ooh.blush

    @iyah_santows18 i dont get it why i get affected by him

  3. exoidealkocadayi

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. dukmailixun


  5. dukmailixun


  6. neulra_lyn

    When you're free...can you send to me too?

  7. itaanggian0597

    Sehun your handsome

  8. real__ffi

    I want we young :))

  9. exo.havana

    I have the song too. If you guys want, DM me your email

  10. kikiot12

    I want it too😥. Is it too late to ask?

  11. carolynecast

    Thank you!! 💕💕🐣

  12. asiahkhapaji

    I want it too😢

  13. arinidewy

    Pakeapapu ttep ganteng ini orang . Terganteng malahan

  14. n.suherman_


  15. rehunchank

    I have it if you want it dm your email and i will send it

  16. imsarastari

    How kind of you 😊 @ohsehun.vid

  17. imsarastari

    Thank you

  18. tarihoritama

    Hwaiting ka baby ❤❤❤

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