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Head over teacup action. The best is that I got this on the GoPro! The first fall I had wasn’t so bad, this one definitely knocked the wind out of me and probably bruised a rib. Thankfully the ground was padded with pine needles so not too bad of injuries (no blood or head trauma). I guess this is a reminder to not get overly confident and do more than I can handle. And maybe i need a real mountain bike with full suspension when doing these types of rides (hint hint Drew ;) . The best part of this clip is the end when you see a sweet angel come to my rescue 😇 . . #cyclinggirl  #cyclinglife  #triathletelife  #watchbritttri  #mtbgirl  #mtblife  #gopro  #mtbfail  #fail 


  1. hstark63

    Yikes, glad you’re ok! Take it easy.

  2. drewstark88

    @tvasconi @kennmark_11 Today’s ride lol

  3. instagallus

    Hahha I’m laughing because I’ve done that 1000 times and know what it’s like to knock the wind out of yourself. Then someone usually comes up and asks if you’re ok, in which you grunt because you can’t talk. Glad you’re ok! We’re going to do a northstar day if you’re interested !

  4. dana.hammar

    OMG glad you’re okay!

  5. dana.hammar

    OMG glad you’re okay!

  6. dana.hammar

    OMG glad you’re okay!

  7. cindy_rack

    Hope your okay.

  8. jaeisaguy

    After a while, you learn how to fall well. Glad you aren't hurt too bad. P.S. Full suspension only spring launches you further from your bike!😁

  9. mtbdoz

    Sweet 😍

  10. maagconnie

    You didn't tell me you caught it on the GoPro. Eek! That was scary! Hope you are doing ok today!

  11. joanngomory

    Crazy! Hope you’re not too sore! At least you’re out doing what you love to do!!

  12. the_ambitious_endurance

    All the best riders crash sometimes. Hope you’re ok