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A bad (and illegal) picture of the amazing large water lilies by Monet at Chichu Art Museum on Naoshima. I never was such a fan of the lilies until I saw this beautiful painting, in the equally impressive building by Tadao Ando. Monet easily wins from Walter De Maria and James Turrell with whom he shares the building. Nice combination of artists though. And what a strange culture we are to built such a temple for the worship of autonomous art... The second picture is from the internet. It doesn’t do justice to the size and materiality of the original. #monet  #claudemonet  #waterlilies  #tadaoando  #chichuartmuseum  #naoshima 


  1. naoshima695


  2. dutchportraits

    #illegal  😂🤣😙

  3. fleurrrrz

    Al een keertje naar de Orangerie geweest?!?

  4. gjjparis

    Of nog beter: de late monets in musée marmottan!

  5. marijke.naber

    Gewoon jaarlijks even naar Parijs voor een onderdompeling in de waterlelies