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The Dreamtime bra by #heidiklumintimates  is possibly one of the most comfortable bras I own and still gives great lift and cleavage without padding. The lace is super soft against the skin and has quickly become an everyday bra for me. It works under so many outfits so easily and the lace edges look super cute popping out of a black bodysuit. I don’t love the bottoms - thong or brief - for this set as they don’t make them in anything smaller than a small, so they’re already too Big for me. Ontop of being ill fitting a massive pet peeve is brands that sew the seam on bottoms down the centre. Not only can it be super uncomfortable, but it automatically gives you a camel toe look 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s exasperated when it’s too Big to fit you and all I can feel is the seam cutting down the middle of me and the rest of the underwear floating off to the side providing no coverage or comfort. My kimono from #cottononbody  is cheap polyester, but that makes it super easy to lounge around the house in, unaffraid of a cat making a small pull or spilling something on it.


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    Your reviews of all your collections are too funny, please don’t stop your writing, this is like Terry pratchet / Neil Gaiman gold mine

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