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Frank’s Pea, the 1850s gold rush heirloom that captured the heart of the Diggers community is in production in our certified organic garden. Diggers original seeds were provided by octogenarian and member, May Barnes whose family has grown the pea since the days of the gold rush. A vigorous plant with spectacular mauve flowers, Frank’s Pea is a delectable snap pea while young which matures into an equally delicious shelling pea. Pop this one in your annual garden plan; seeds harvested will be available to Diggers members late spring. ☺️ .. .. #frankspea  #pisumsativum  #c1853  #afterthegoldrush  #heirloomseeds  #seedsaving  #growyourown  #diggersclub 


  1. tony_lupton

    I think I've got one of these by accident - have tagged you in my original post of it.

  2. cup_full_of_crazy

    Been trying to get these. I always end up missing out. One day, one day i will be lucky enough to get some 🙏

  3. razsfarm

    These are the ones that have a purple pod .. very sweet ... but if you cook them the colour disappears

  4. beetrootandtwine

    I've grown these this year, but I think my neighbor has sprayed as they turned brown now.. ☹️ but so beautiful when in flower!

  5. justinemcclymont

    Oh wow what great history!

  6. justinemcclymont

    @breehiatt I can picture these in your garden. 😀

  7. simplylivingourlife

    I planted some diggers pea seeds, but forgot to label them... mine arr about to bloom and look very simular to these.. but i don't recall the name.. are these the only purple flowered edible peas?

  8. do_bee_dan

    We have had them in @ashburycommunitygarden this season too, beautiful! Thank you for the background info 💕

  9. sarebare38

    Gorgeous colour

  10. roysgranny

    Is it too late to plant peas in Tassie?

  11. adelebiancapollard

    😍 @thetopiarychef

  12. matildananand

    Those flowers are exquisite 💜

  13. farmfamilyfood

    So pretty!!

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