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NAME & SHAME: These “women” dared to video a friend of The One Armed Bandit. They should learn some respect and behave properly when in our country. I will not name the titled lady out of respect but these two weirdos need naming and shaming. #bantheburka #burka #sw3 #chelsea #london #kingsroad #getthemgone #video #stopthevideo #intrusive #disgraceful #pests


  1. taledgar

    They look like regulars there @thesteepletimes

  2. youssgouri

    They are not showing respect because they are taking a video?? As if no one in the whole UK takes videos?! I keep seeing these posts from you and I always wander why, it’s very disrespectful to use the phrase “behave when in our country” just because they are taking a video. Also no Burka should be banned as that’s their religious outfits and culture, where is the freedom of religion? I’m just sad to keep seeing these posts from you because I didn’t think you are like that, also the facts that you called them weirdos is just really shocking. Leave them alone men, not every Muslim is a safety hazard nor is a Christian or a Jewish too!