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Never question the works! Alright!! 😂😂😂 #angelgrovetoysncollectables #greenranger #jdf


  1. chatomedellin

    That’s been my torment for over 10 years.

  2. fiream400

    A floating immortal head, advanced AI robot, teleportation, a flying Volkswagen, a space witch, monsters and giant ancient robots...and the flute dagger concerns you? Lol.

  3. whiskeytides


  4. furious_flamez

    I love the green ranger

  5. morphintoys

    Morphin grid issues. Ask the Morphin Masters

  6. madbull_119


  7. andreagenevieve01

    @mimih_s I mean valid concern

  8. durararaotaku

    This is one of the best memes out there right now.

  9. m_thimmig

    i have no more reason to exist

  10. rafaugdepaula

    It's simple. The flute is a high technological device, that can make every blow kind instrument sound. It only works when a magnetic piece located in the rangers mouthpiece of the helmet touches that specific tip of the device... 😅

  11. mikeserot

    He used the breathing holes to play it! Exhale through the nose, make the finger movements, viola!

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