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This is my second year growing greasy beans, a classic Appalachian staple. Essentially they’re heirloom green beans prized for their big, protein rich beans inside of a smooth pod, hence the name greasy. These were grown from seed given to me by a man who’s been farming them for thirty years out in Canton, NC. He said he received the seed from his father, who received the seed from his father. I feel so honored to be a part of this multigenerational stewardship of Appalachian heritage. #seedsaving  #greasybeans  #appalachiangarden  #appalachia  #gardening  #gardenproduce  #growyourown  #growfoodnotlawns 


  1. balanced_dragon

    Daddy @deepsky984 can I have a seed of this when you harvest please 🤣😘💪🏻

  2. xdkylehu

    Lemme know too if you find yourself with some extra seeds! I had fun last spring making these the traditional Appalachian Sean Brock way, strung up to dry with a needle and thread and smoked then rehydeated with stock -- D A N K

  3. xdkylehu

    That's the name I couldn't remember lol

  4. sarah_marie_martin