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Our BLM feature this week is Echo Canyon - Table Mountain, one of the wildest and inaccessible BLM areas in Bighorn Sheep Canyon, and also the largest contiguous BLM area managed by the Royal Gorge Field Office (RGFO), containing over 30,000 acres of #landswithwildernesscharacteristics  . However this area lacks appropriate protections and needs your voice and support when BLM RGFO’s draft plan is released later this year, with a 90-day public comment period. The scenic Table Mountain over Echo Canyon can be glimpsed from a drive along US Highway 50, or better yet, via a raft or kayak on the Arkansas River. This incredible area is an important wildlife corridor and habitat for many area species, including Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, black bear, elk, mule deer, pronghorn, mountain lion, as well as iconic and/or endangered bird of prey species such as the bald eagle, American peregrine falcon, and Mexican spotted owl. We need your voice in support of protecting these still wild places! We will continue highlighting these important unprotected public lands weekly, in anticipation of BLM RGFO’s draft plan due out later this year. @mypubliclands #blmwild  #seeblm  #yourpubliclands 


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    BLM Wild copies this.