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Stage 10, a challenge day, for #tourdefleece2018  . My challenge is to spin tow flax. What a joy! I brush the water in the bowl with the tips of my left hand’s fingers and thumb. Then I draft and spin the flax as smoothly as possible. The flax forms a smoother yarn with a little dampness. A plyback sample shows in the first photo and up close by swiping to the third. This locally-grown flax is from @black_cat_farmstead and was processed by @taprootfibrelab in Nova Scotia. It’s dew-retted, which saves on water usage. Black Cat Farmstead and Taproot Fibre Lab are among those bringing back small-scale flax/linen production to the U.S. and Canada. Yay! It will take awhile to spin this 4 ounces. When I’m done, I’ll likely make a two-ply yarn but may leave it as a single. Destined for weaving! Oh yeah, I’m hooked on flax now. . #tourdefleece  #teamcanadatdf2018  #handspun  #handspinnersofinstagram  #threeriversfibershed  #fibershed  #flaxfiber 


  1. suepintodesigns

    That's so cool!

  2. gardenwoolanddye

    This seems like a super intricate process but so fascinating! I love projects that force you to really engage.

  3. lovelaughmake

    Cool. Looks great all plyed. I need to spin some. I just wrote Chico flax project to see if I could buy some seeds from them. Would like to try to grow some for fun.