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The smile a bride gets when she puts on her dress 💖 @onefinedaybridal @misshayleypaige #tulleballgown #ballgownweddingdress  #misshayleypaige #londyngown #hayleypaigedress #hayleypaige #jlmcouture #weddingdressshopping


  1. claudiac_12


  2. alpal4517

    @bmcnulty get ready for it!!!!!!

  3. bebvesuvius

    Follow us. Luxury B&B in Naples, Italy🇮🇹🏢🥂💥

  4. marisagsanz


  5. binkiecorazza

    So beautiful

  6. jake_bynum88

    That dress is a Cinderella fairytale wedding dress!👍🏻🤟🏻

  7. ginaaa.k

    What veil do you guys have on the bride??

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