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Close-up view:)
L333 gold, L173, L264
Plecos can be really different 🤓
#plecolife #breedingplecos #plecocave #plecoceramics


  1. hooligan_sailor

    Beautiful. A few years back I got my mom a ten gallon and got her a male bristlenose. They are so beautiful.

  2. erikvidlund

    Getting my hands on a bunch of L333 soon😍

  3. kbsteiger

    I’ve never seen such beautiful pleco’s! I’m restarting my system after a 100% loss (I’m devastated) the culprits made it through quarantine then, Bam 💥 I’m still not sure what it was. It almost looked like ick but the spots were clear and everyone was was covered within 48 hours ( and I mean covered! Almost like someone had wrapped them in fishy bubble wrap). To the point I was trying to get, do you sell them? And if so, can I get them through the mail? And how much are they?

  4. sullyproctor


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