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School summer holidays are almost here, which means those of us who are already time-poor, are about to find it even harder to squeeze in a workout. Enter the Kettlebell. These cannonballs with horns are great pieces of kit for getting in a quick workout, that burns some fat and builds some muscle in a time-efficient manner. Problem is, most people butcher the fundamental kettlebell movements and end up with little to show for their efforts than cranky lower backs and bruised arms. So if your KB cleans look like this then give these 2 simple tips a try; To stop you throwing the KB out too wide, stand side on to a wall. The aim is to keep the KB as close to you as possible. To stop you throwing the KB out too far in-front of you, stand in front of a wall. Again aim to keep the KB close to your body. In both cases, start further away and work your way in as your confidence builds. These will clean up your movement and stop you getting bruises every time you do them. *Tip - use a solid wall that nobody will notice if you get things slightly wrong (see end of video). #kettlebell  #kb  #fatloss  #quickworkout  #workouttips  #kettlebellcleans  #cleans  #builttolast  #stillgotit  #bestshapeofyourlife  #veteranathlete  #40plus  #35plus  #fitat40  #health  #onlinecoaching  #fitness  #goals  #performance  #onlinecoaching