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Here is my Turtle Beach door design. The mother turtle has just finished laying her eggs and is heading back to sea. Check out the line art and that’s my installer holding the door insert. I never got to see it after installation. FYI: Florida’s turtle nesting and hatching season is from March through November. Leatherbacks, loggerheads, and green turtles nest annually on Florida’s beaches. I was lucky enough to witness one laying her eggs on a very populated beachfront at night. She was enormous: almost 4 feet long. She dragged herself about 40 yards from the ocean to keep her nest safe. She was using her hind legs to dig a hole for her eggs. For the time I watched, it was a slow process. I’m sure she was exhausted by the time she was finished. #iwillalwaysremember  #seaturtle ❤️ #loggerheadturtle  🐢 #greenturtle  🐢#leatherbackturtle  🐢 #turtlelivesmatter  #noplasticstraws  #noplasticbags  #turtlesthinkitsfood  #keepourseasclean  #sandcastlestudio  #artistsoninstagram 


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