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... continued from my previous post: this is the leg cut I ended up with. I started up with huge cuffs but the fabric is so stiff, it’s cotton hemp blend and it looked like I wore two cardboard tubes ... not good 🙈 then I cropped them but they were neither here or there... so I slimmed them to, kamm rangers style - the weird ankle skimping length. I tried them all with all (or most of ) my shoes of course... maximize use you know. I love that these work well with my favorite kind of shoe: the ankle strapped ones . I am sort of convinced the straps make my ankles look thinner... cause I’m superficial like that. I paired my new old jeans with a raw silk top I made some years ago. I like denim paired with silk ... even if it’s ton sir ton ;) Have a nice weekend guys! 😘


  1. buttonandneedle

    Perfect length! Nothing wrong with showing off those ankle straps 😉

  2. solo_sewing

    I like that leg length, and looove those sandals!!!

  3. margit.drescher

    favorite photo!

  4. kitten_in_the_hat

    Ton sur ton is in the wind! Absolutly love what you did with those jeans! Kind of motivates me with my "never that good" fitted jeans ^^

  5. violaisabelle6

    Perfect! Great transformation! ❤️👍

  6. thepetitecat

    Great job Sasha! That looks like the perfect length to me! I need to use this tip of trying with all my shoes before hemming next time 😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. pimp_slapped

    Looks fabulous! I love silk with denim too 😊 any luxurious fabric with denim, really...

  8. casakelley

    You are so cool! Love them!

  9. azienda_agricola_tramonti

    Questa foto mi piace molto! Ottimo contrasto... Ma il filo parte dalla tua gamba? 🤔🤔😅🙋😉

  10. jkhramtsova

    Looks very nice!

  11. _stitchesandseams_

    I love those straps shoes😍

  12. _handmadekate_

    You look great. Well done! I love the top too.

  13. nairamkitty


  14. ivanamania

    Great job! I believe fixing things adds value! 👏👏👏

  15. belekeck

    Perfect length for the ankle straps!

  16. stitchhour

    Gorgeous, I love the whole outfit! 💙

  17. apella.knits


  18. sewandrew

    That’s a great outfit 👍 you hair is looking great too if I may say so! 😊🙏💁‍♀️

  19. sequinandstripe


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