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I'm officially a Great Uncle. Everyone meet my first Great Niece Alayna Marie Luque. Born today at 4:19 pm, 8pounds 12.6 ounces and 21 inches. She's gonna be a tall girl just like her great uncle. Hahahaha. My mom is also happy as hell that today she became a great grandmother. Her 4th generation added in the family. Congratulations to my oldest nephew martin Luque on becoming a dad for the first time And his wife Adriana. I'm getting old now, great uncle. Hahaha. Hoy naciao mi primera bisa sobrina Alayna Luque y ahora soy Un tio abuelo por la primera vez. Y mi mama Feliz porque ahora nacio su primera bisa nieta y ahora Ella Es bisa abuela. Felicilades a mi sobrino mayor martin que hoy Es papa por la primera vez. #officallyagreatuncle  #greatuncle  #firstgreatniece  #babyAlayna  #alaynaluque  #proudgreatuncle 


  1. joy1017e

    Congrats! 💕💕💕 Saludos a mi Tía 😘😘

  2. dianalizzette86

    Congratulations! 💗

  3. _ariiperez


  4. fordgirl2009

    I never knew Martin was your nephew. Congrats on the new born

  5. belinda_g_c

    Congratulations Tio!

  6. smloropeza98

    So cute!

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