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You know..... Just sitting around. ✌🏼
Thanks to my awesome hubby @dimitris.arhontidis for this picture!! You can check out the ones I shot of him over on his page! 👌🏼
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  1. teedoff

    Legs for days...Wow

  2. thesuestylefile

    This is such an awesome shot!

  3. bethany.mae

    Unreal!! You look beautiful & the scenery ain’t too bad either!!! 🤣❤️😍

  4. jessicarcrone

    Awwww so pretty!!! You look beautiful SS!!!

  5. haleofagreatfamily

    Omg, quit life and just become a full time model already!!! 💕🔥💕🔥💕🔥

  6. micaelaivette

    Everything about this is gorgeous 😍

  7. amybarryphoto


  8. jshirley82

    Just gorgeous

  9. kkisbrave

    Stunning! 😍

  10. saraostyle

    Love this picture. so beautiful. Love your romper. You look amazing. Love it.


    Girl!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  12. travel_withju

    Beautiful picture

  13. ericpiwarz

    Keep on your work! Love the mix of professionality and familyblog :D

  14. katforbes76

    Just sitting around looking GORGEOUS!!!

  15. boxxjewelry


  16. travel.diiaryy

    Beautiful 🌸


    Gorgeous 🌞

  18. dougjardine65

    Very nice

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