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Yesterday was the first time I was able to meet Rhythm in person at RinChen TibetanTerriers in Colorado. This precious boy then came home with me to begin his new life with us at the beach in Florida. #tt #ttsofinstagram #instadog #itsadogsworld #dogsofinstagram #rhythmthetibetanterrier #tibetanterrier #tibetanterriersofinstagram #tibetanterriersofinsta


  1. rhythmandbuzz

    Really so happy for you guys!!! He's absolutely adorable! 😍🐾💙

  2. suzyqfox

    So so cute❤

  3. destinyonfox7


  4. lovelylanvin

    Awwww so sweet 😍❤️🐶

  5. katekluet

    Congratulations he is darling

  6. susiekauck

    I’m so glad for you! Looking forward to your pics of life with a new soul in your family!

  7. moodyba13

    Am so happy for you😘Will not replace our original big boy but will add more happiness to your new home❣️

  8. huckandnell


  9. dublin.explore

    Spectacular one

  10. cheery.haddad

    Fabulous. 👏 🙏 👌👍