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Just weeding; while daydreamin' about treaty rights, language revitalization, decolonization and how the hell I'm gonna get rid of all these pocket gophers. If someone could bring me a bullsnake, I'd really appreciate it. So far cussing them out isn't working. Even offered them a warm sunkist, no takers @reclaimyourpower #allnationsrising  @ndninspired


  1. kawaii_kayla6

    Get a cat!

  2. jaysand8670

    Get it mikey!! 🙌🏾

  3. hlahasteen

    I'll send you 3 cats. One is a decent hunter, one is too small to be of any use & the last will eat you out of the house & by the way he loves to hang out in the bathroom.

  4. sw33tadventur3

    your suntan on your foot is not that bad... it could be worst... wearing goggles & have a severe sunburn & looks like raccoon 😳😂

  5. mattty__j


  6. mattty__j

    “Offered them a warm Sunkist” 😂😂

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