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A special member of our fiber community could use our help. Sally Fox (@vreseis) is a breeder/grower of organic cotton, in a variety of natural colors, and merino sheep. She lives in California. Sally is dedicated to environmentally-friendly practices and to the welfare of her animals. She is generous and kind, including to those of us who have never met her and whom she knows only as customers. She has refunded shipping when it cost her less than I paid and added yarn to a cone I ordered at no charge to make sure there was plenty. What I experienced is merely a small indication of what a wonderful person she is. Those who know Sally personally have truly moving, inspiring stories. Sally’s farm is threatened by wildfires. She did everything possible for her beloved sheep, putting them in an irrigated green pasture for safety. Now she faces mounting costs. Donations to help defray some of these costs can be made through her online shop. Purchases, which will be fulfilled in August, will also help. Go to vreseis dot com slash shop. You can also find out more on Sally’s feed — @vreseis . The photos here show a couple of ways I’ve used Sally’s cotton, as weft in the first photo and as warp in the second. UPDATE: The evacuation order has lifted for the County Fire that threatened Sally’s place. Wonderful news! Things can start slowly getting back to normal. #vreseis  #vreseiscotton  #fibershed 


  1. vreseis

    I am so moved by your kind words and support, thank you sincerely.

  2. minnais

    Love this 😍!