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This is a concept album waiting to happen - do I have the fortitude to write lyrics and play new riffs over these backing tracks, until the original songs are no longer recognizeable?

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  1. pyramidexpander

    Haven't done anything yet with this other than listen. There's a guitar or keys playing a lead on most tracks, which seems contradictory to the claim on the cover.

  2. pyramidexpander

    I did a cut-up of Frank Herbert reading Dune, and a British guy dissecting the Bolshevik Revolution - maybe just play that over one of these tracks? #experimentalmusic 

  3. pyramidexpander

    It came with a fake book with all the music in it, but I'm notation-illiterate :(

  4. pyramidexpander

    Maybe Sunny, replacing "Sunny" with "Bernie" but that's #toolittletoolate